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Garden of Membranes 1.0 and 2.0

  “Garden of Membranes”  is part sound art installation, part living sculpture and part scientific research project. It combines several strands of scientific and artistic research including Plant electrophysiology, Spatial audio, Micro spatialisation, Immersive sound art and Sound sculpture.

The installation was held in two locations, the Clandestino Festival of Contemporary Art in Santa Cruz, Bolivia in 2013 and a more advanced version at the Naughton Gallery in Belfast, Northern Ireland in 2015.  

“Garden of Membranes “ is a tiny forest and bespoke ecosystem and living sonic sculpture made from Bonsai trees and other small tree like plants. The floor of the forest is covered with delicate mosses and ferns that fit the proportions of the forest.  A network of mycorrhizal fungi are grown in the soil which link the tree roots together in a network. This sits in 3D printed bowl and plinth made from Birch plywood and stands in the middle of the space . In the branches of the trees are hidden miniature speakers.. The installation reads tiny electrical signals in plants and their roots known as “action potentials” using electrodes placed in the soil, the signals from these plants trigger sounds in the forest. The sounds of tiny animals, birds and entire soundscapes mapped from large areas of the Amazon, can also be heard in the miniature forest.

 More about the historical and scientific background of the project can be read in the accompanying document ”Integrating plant electrophysiology and art” or by watching the accompanying video “Action potential”.