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For research on forest intelligence, sound art and PhD “Integrating Plant Electrophysiology and Spatial Audio” go HERE to web content of thesis

Academic publications :

Surrounded: A Series of Sound Installations that Combine Plant Electrophysiology and 3D Sonic Art Leonardo 2016 publication here

An alternative approach to 3d audio recording and reproduction Issue 3 Divergence press 2015 publication here

Invisible forest/An artists Guide to plant electrophysiology Plastir Journal of Science and Art 2013   publication here

Frequency Bands in the Rainforest : here


Garden of Membranes :

Athens Science Festival :

Holomorph :

Action Potential :

The Whispering Wood 

The Holoverse, 3d spatialisation controlled by video

Granular magic wand – 3d spatialisation with Wii controller