Augustine Leudar is a multidisciplinary audio-visual artist who specialises in spatial audio and Interactive 3D sound. He creates 3d soundart, audio holograms, , sonic illusions and immersive installations that surprise, mislead, and delight audiences. His work often incorporates other artistic disciplines such as sculpture, 3D printing, theatre, and painting. His work is often on a huge scale often with many acres being covered with immersive sound. Characterised by a surreal sense of humor, he creates new worlds and augmented realities through hidden speakers and projectors, concealed microphones, and mischievous intent, turning any space into anywhere, from the smallest nook to entire woodland expanses.

Augustine lived for around 10 years in the Amazon rainforest, and recordings made there over the years are used to create realistic and fantastical 3d soundscapes of the rainforest for botanic gardens and parks.  In 2010, Augustine delivered what was then the world’s largest walk-through multichannel sound installation at the Eden Project in Cornwall. Called ‘Biomes at Night,’ it covered over 4 acres of indoor rainforest. Included in this nocturnal event were fairytales illustrated in 3d surround sound in the trees. Augustine’s work has been exhibited  at the National Gallery of the Czech Republic, Aria Art Gallery in Florence, as well as venues in Peru, Bolivia, Brazil and across the UK and Ireland.’ Augustine holds a PhD in Plant Electrophysiology and 3D sonic art focussing on making tangible unseen processes in the biosphere such as communication across tree roots. In 2014 “Garden of membranes” created a miniature multichannel sound installation in a Bonsai forest in Bolivia and subsequently turned the inside of an Irish Gallery into a rainforest in which the plants controlled the sound.

“The Stone Tapes” was an installation at the Giant’s Ring Neolithic Site  Ireland covering and was the largest installation of its kind 6.9 acres. Informed by mythology and archaeoacoustics, it used immersive interactive 3D sound to play with standing waves on the site and using resonances to invite the audience into an alternative and eerie reality. A review of the event can be read here.  Recently he has started to match interactive 3D sound with interactive 3D visuals to create playful and immersive environments such as this collaboration at the Athens Science Festival and liveimmersive music shows. In 2019 he wrote, directed and designed the “Otherworld” interactive walkaround experience in Alexandra Park in Hastings for the Hastings Storytelling Festival. 

Augustine is the artistic director of “Magik door” a studio specialising in  3-D audio and immersive environments.



“…a most surreal, otherworldly experience……As we walked back down the lane after this ethereal experience, here was a feeling that we had witnessed something fleeting and beautiful. Tonight at the Giant’s Ring you won’t find a new age sound installation. This is the beauty and uniqueness of projects such as this.”

                                                                                                                                                                                                   Mary Stevens, Visual arts News Sheet

“The bangs, squeaks, howls and banshee roars mysteriously emanating from copses and tree-clusters, as the promenade around the park develops, are genuinely eerie and unsettling in the mizzly Belfast darkness, the more so for their sources being hidden by Augustine Leudar’s ingenious sound installation.”

Terry Blain, Irish Theatre Magazine

“The candlelit, disused pool is a highlight, not least through the soundscape of ghostly swimmers by digital sound artist Gus Leudar.”

Remco van Straten, NI Scene

“hmmm, I realy like that “

John Peel


Elizabeth Mahoney, The Guardian

BBC interview