Transformative Soundscapes and Installations.



Transformative Soundscapes and Innovative Installations.


Augustine Leudar is a multidisciplinary audio-visual artist who specialises in 3D audio and Interactive 3D sound.  He creates 3D soundart, audio holograms, , sonic illusions and immersive installations that surprise, mislead, and delight audiences. His work often incorporates other disciplines such as sculpture, 3D printing, theatre, mythology and painting. His work is often site specific and on a huge scale often with many acres being covered with immersive sound. Characterised by a surreal sense of humor, he creates new worlds and augmented realities through hidden speakers and projectors, concealed microphones, sensor and tracking technologies, and mischievous intent, turning any space into anywhere, from the smallest nook to entire woodland expanses. As well a pioneering work creating interactive fluid spatial sound art and design, he has also broken new ground in the field of Bioart, integrating plants and ecosystems with sound and light installations  Recent work consits of creating experimental environments and sentient sculptures that use AI to react to people and the environment. Augustine holds a Phd in 3D Audio and Plant Electrophysiology.


 Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew  /  Eden Project  /  National Gallery  / British Council  /  National Trust  /  Galerie Rudolfinum  / Iris Worldwide /  Glastonbury Festival  /  Addidas  /   Ulster University Festival of Art and Design   / Bose  /  Arts Council Ireland  /  Futuresonic   /  Quito Turismo  /  British Embassy La Paz  /  Sonandes  / Killarney National Park  /  Athens Science Festival  / Hastings Storytelling Festival  /  Arts Council England  /  Belfast City Council  /  Terranova   /  NI Screen  /  Ivory Worldwide / Culture Night Ireland  /  Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro   / Daefra  /  Greenroom Design / Aria Gallery / Quito  Turismo  /  Naughton Gallery  /  AHRC  /  Electric Picnic Festival  /  Hay Festival  /  BBC


Occasional transmissions from very very far outside the box….