An 8 channel surround sound fairy mound at Bricklane gallery, London,

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I often find galleries to be rather sterile environments – it seems somewhat incongruous to display your creative works in a space with all the atmosphere and charm of a hospital waiting room. . This then made Goed particularily satisfying – more popular with kids and deranged adults than beard strokers, smelling of the forest and covered in leaves freshly gathered from the forest floor the day before the exhibition it was a multi sensory installation. It is partly inspired by Welsh myth and old celtic legends that talk of mounds and hillocks that contain doorways to the “otherworld”. Upon entering the door and sitting upon the chair within, your head pokes through a hole and is then surrounded by a miniature surround sound golden forest, repleat with tiny tweeting birds and surrealistic micro soundart, a train track (with moving train) circles your head complete with softly glowing hills and other assorted oddments – your head forming the centrpiece of this strange array. The word Goed presented itself in my mind as a suitable title in what, at the time I thought was merely a random conjugation of syllables, later after some heavy googling I was suprised to learn the meaning of the word in Welsh (woods).

Public reception : This installation was very popular especially with children who queued up to explore it and demanded repeated “goes”.

Technical details : Space required 4m * 4m , Advance notice required before setup : 1 month