Garden of membranes


Santa Cruz Bolivia 2014. Read newspaper article here (Spanish)   Newpaper article “Garden of membranes” is a miniature multichannel sound installation that reveals hidden processes latent in the biosphere. A miniature jungle has many miniature hidden speakers inside it. The sounds are part composition and part sonic map recorded in the Amazon rainforest. The sounds are recorded with many microphones placed in different parts of the jungle and then recreated with speakers in the same relative positions (fig 1). Miniature birds will fly from tree to tree and tiny animals  crawl through the jungle. (fig2). Electrical signals present in plants known as “action potentials” trigger sounds revealing the hidden world of plant bioelectrics to the viewer, this scientific element of the installation is the result of Phd level research into plant electrophysiology.

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.... like walking into someone else's dream.....